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In 1981 the Iwi of Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Toa Rangatira established Te Wānanga o Raukawa (TWoR) and functioned as an independent entity. In 1993, after 12 years of operating without Crown support, Te Wānanga o Raukawa became a “wānanga” pursuant to the Education Act 1989.

Although funded for the provision of education Te Wānanga o Raukawa did not receive establishment funding from the Crown. This led to TWoR, along with two other wānanga, bringing a claim before the Waitangi Tribunal under WAI 718. The claim concerned the Crown’s policies in relation to capital establishment funding for the three wānanga. The Waitangi Tribunal issued its report in 1999 entitled the “Wānanga Capital Establishment Report (1999)”. The report recommended, amongst other recommendations, that a one-off payment of a capital sum be made to each of the claimant wānanga for the expenditure of capital and labor that they invested in establishing their respective wānanga.

In 2008 TWoR and the Crown recorded their settlement of the claim. In recognition of the efforts of the Founding Iwi in establishing TWoR and supporting its activities, the Crown and TWoR agreed in clause 20 of the Deed of Settlement, that $17,970,000 of the settlement amount (“the agreed portion of the settlement amount”) was to be given to an independent charitable trust which would be established and controlled by the Founding Iwi or their representatives for the purpose of assisting TWoR to contribute to the ongoing survival of Māori as a people in its provision of educational services to the Founding Iwi.


The purpose of the Foundation is to promote:

  • Akoranga: Teaching and learning.
  • Whakahaere: Operations and administration.
  • Whakatupu mātauranga: The exploration and creation of knowledge.

These activities maximise the contribution of the Foundation to the education and survival of Māori as a people through the provision of financial and other assistance to TWoR, the staff (including kaiāwhina) and the students of TWoR. All actions taken by the Board are in accordance with the kaupapa tuku iho as set out in the Foundation Trust Deed.


Whakatipu: We manage and grow the Trust fund through prudent investments to deliver on the Foundation’s purposes as set out above.  The total equity of the Trust Fund has grown from its initial settlement amount of $17.9m in 2011 to $28.6m (as at 30 June 2021).

Tohatoha: We currently deliver on our purposes by:

  • Distributing annual lump sums to TWoR.  TWoR decide what they do with this pūtea within parameters set by the Foundation Board. Past distributions have been utilised by TWoR as scholarships to its students.  TWoR have prioritised scholarships to students who are from the Founding Iwi and kaumātua students who are enrolled in the Heke Reo Kaumātua course on the request of the Foundation Board; and
  • Providing annual distributions to the three Founding Iwi for projects that promote akoranga, whakahaere and whakatupu mātauranga.  The distributions to Founding Iwi must also 'assist' TWoR in some way.

All actions taken by the Foundation are in accordance with our kaupapa tuku iho, being:

  • Manaakitanga (generosity and respect)
  • Wairuatanga (spiritual dimension)
  • Ūkaipōtanga (protection and nourishment of home)
  • Whanaungatanga (relationships)
  • Rangatiratanga (leadership and integrity)
  • Kaitiakitanga (resource guardianship and management)
  • Kotahitanga (unity)
  • Pūkengatanga (knowledge and experience)
  • Whakapapa (connections and genaeology)
  • Te Reo (language revival and presence)